Thigh Lift in Seattle, WA

Do you ever wish your thighs were slimmer?

Do you feel self conscious about wearing swimsuits, shorts and skirts because your thighs are too big, and/or the skin is sagging?

Now there are safer, more effective ways to reduce the fat and tighten up the skin. Some people just want liposuction to give that nice thigh lift in Seattle. Both inner thighs, both outer thighs and both anterior (lap part) of thighs can be smoothed and minimized with liposculpture alone.

Others want a “full” thigh lift in Seattle, if their skin is really lax and sagging, actually removing excess skin in the thigh region of concern (insides, outside, front region). Both can give great results, allowing you to dress and feel as young as you look, depending on the patients individual body type and skin. Please feel free to call us at 206-444-5014 Tues-Sat to schedule your complimentary consult with Dr Brecht.


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