Sun Damage

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Believe it or not we get sun damage in Seattle. UV-A rays which are even more damaging then UV-B rays can penetrate through the clouds. These UV-A sun rays produce sun damage in Seattle.

The most important things we can do are wear SPF 30+ lotions every day, wide brimmed hats and avoid excessive sun
exposure between 10am-2:00pm daily.

Sun damage in Seattle presents as solar lentigines, brown spots, dark spots, ruff and dried out skin. Dr Brecht can personalize a skin rejuvenating plan for you to minimize future sun damage of your skin, and remove years of damage that has already occurred. We can also provide Hydrafacial MD facial and hand treatments to bring back your youthful healthy glow and treat that sun damage in Seattle. Dr Brecht accepts most insurance plans and Hydrafacials can be scheduled without prior appointments.

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Sun Damage in Seattle, WashingtonSeattle, Washington Sun Damage