Scar Removal in Seattle, WA

Although no treatments can offer complete removal of scar, there are cutting edge technologies that can offer scar removal in Seattle. Reaction by Viora is bipolar radiofrequency ultrasound that has an amazing ability to smooth out and minimize scars over time, without cutting.

There is still the older method of cutting out larger wide unsightly scars, and repairing them with more sensitive dainty repairs, but the scar line will always persist to some extent. The Viora technology is non-surgical, comfortable, short treatments that over time can denature the old collagen fibers and help form stronger and tighter bonds with each treatment. We recommend treatments every two weeks until you reach your maximal desired result. Although complete scar removal in Seattle is unrealistic, we have gotten great results at improving skin tone, texture and color of these scars. We have also seen improvement in stretch marked skin.

We are getting closer to scar removal in Seattle. Call Dr Brecht’s office (206) 444-5014 to start your series of scar removal treatments in Seattle today.