Anesthesia: Cinderella Anesthesia

Cinderella Anesthesia is an evolved safer form of anesthesia that is less invasive, and an alternative to General Anesthesia and/or IV Sedation.

Techniques for Cinderella Anesthesia involve medications by mouth that help you relax and include a modified tumescence anesthesia, which is like getting a larger “Local”.

Local anesthesia is a simpler anesthesia that is used for removing skin lesions with Lidocaine.

Cinderella Anesthesiology is an evolved large local anesthesia type, that has been refined by Dr. Kristine Brecht.

Cinderella Anesthesia can be used for for Facelifts, Breast Augmentations, Breast lifts and Reductions, Full Tummy Tucks (AKA Abdominalplasty), Liposuction, Fat transfer (for face, breast, and buttocks) and full body lifts.

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