Body Sculpting Seattle

Weight Loss/Body Sculpting

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At Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Dr Brecht we provide comprehensive medical and holistic approach to weight loss. Our philosophy is to empower our patients with the ability to make lifestyle changes that will help them achieve their goal of total body well-being. We recognize that obesity is caused by many factors such as stress, poor nutrition, pregnancy and sedentary lifestyle. For this reason we take on an individualized approach to help you achieve your weight loss goals and to empower you, through education, and continual support, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only are we able to help you achieve overall weight loss, but we are also able to target specific areas of the body to reduce pockets and regions of unwanted fat, surgically or non surgically. Utilizing different technologies and techniques such as Water Jet lipo/ Body Jet lipo and Reaction by Viora, we are able to sculpt your body.

Today, through the advances in cosmetic surgery, we have a number of body sculpting, body shaping and cellulite reduction treatment options. If diet and exercise haven’t given you desired results, read on- body contouring may be right for you.

Let Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Dr Brecht help you achieve your weight loss goals and give you the body you’ve always wanted!


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