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Dr. Brecht discussed Post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery with Aesthetic Rejuvenation - 5/9/18.

Dr. Kristine Brecht gives us the skinny on liposuction. This is the lowdown on lipo you've been waiting for.

Dr. Brecht trained in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetics as well as in a wide range of skin condition evaluation, management, and treatment.


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AR Spa by Dr. Brecht Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics

Her Interview

Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Seattle, WA

Have you ever dreamed about looking and feeling leaner and younger, despite getting older?

Yes, we all have. Today you can take that step to a better you, with Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Dr. Brecht in Seattle.

What is Aesthetic Rejuvenation?

“Rejuvenation means to give an improved look. Sometimes a full lift of the face/body/ extremities, and sometimes just a better shape and contour of the face and body with Liposuction and Fat Transfer, and sometimes Minimally invasive techniques like facial fillers, botulinum, skin resurfacing, and body non-surgical techniques. Aesthetic Rejuvenation encompasses all that I do as a Cosmetic Surgeon, but not all Plastic Surgeons do what I do” – Dr. Brecht

You can reach for and achieve those goals!

In Dr. Kristine Brecht’s custom boutique cosmetic surgery center you can minimize the tummy, volumize and lift the breasts, carve off inches from your thighs, and give yourself a more youthful smile and appearance.

What has been stopping you from your dream? Cost?

Aesthetic Rejuvenation in Seattle offers some of the most affordable pricing, and financing is available. Why wait for your dream procedure, if you could have it now.


Aesthetic Rejuvenation in Seattle offers the best procedures for the fastest recovery, with customized anesthesia, and superior technique.

General Anesthesia?

Dr. Brecht has learned and perfected techniques for doing the safest and most effective cosmetic surgery procedures without having to do general anesthesia or deep sedation. We can do procedures with you completely relaxed, comfortable, listening to relaxing Hawaii music in the background.


Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Dr. Brecht is all about minimizing any markings and getting you “bikini ready”.
In many procedures, the incisions are so small that before the procedure is done it is often hard to see where they were. In liposculpture the incisions are so tiny that no stitches are needed.

Excellent result?

Yes, because Dr. Brecht strives for excellence with every person. “I (Dr. Brecht) truly care for each and every patient, your best results, your new and improved self, your happiness is my happiness”.

Excellent patient experience?

We at Aesthetic Rejuvenation consistently get high marks from our patients when it comes to a positive surgical outcome and recovery process. In fact, during the procedure, while patients are getting their work done, they are already planning for their next dream procedure.

Excellent overall environment/ cosmetic surgery center?

We consistently get high marks from our patients when it comes to our caring and nurturing environment.

Excellent surgical/medical staff?

Yes, because we care. The highest compliment that patients give to Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Dr. Brecht, is the referral of their friends and family.

Dr Kristine Brecht was born in Seattle, Wa. She did her college training at the University of Washington, followed by medical school at SABA University, General Surgery Residency at East TN State University, and SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Brecht’s Plastic Surgery Fellowship was at the University of South Florida, Tampa (2001-2002). Followed by further medical training/practice in University of Massachusetts. Dr. Brecht opened her private medical practice in South Seattle in 2006, and has been continually perfecting the Aesthetic Rejuvenation experience. She enjoys weekly swimming with her kids, staying fit with Bikram Yoga, and offering the best Cosmetic Surgery results that money can buy. She also takes a particular interest in nutrition and well-being and listens to the patient’s hopes and goals trying to optimize and enhance their rejuvenating experience.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Dr. Brecht offers Cosmetic Surgery with safer and faster recovery. Please ask Dr. Brecht about a variety of body contouring-related procedures in Seattle including…

Aesthetic Rejuvenation Spa by Dr. Brecht offers:

Dr. Brecht has been featured on TV for her cutting-edge techniques, including KOMO 4 with Connie Thompson and KING 5/New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson. Dr. Brecht is active in the community supporting local events and actively involved in the Southwest Seattle Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Brecht does a weekly radio show on “Aesthetic Rejuvenation, Health and Beauty”

Dr. Brecht’s Memberships Include:


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